Easy Digital Prayers Clock for Mosques

Masjid Panel is determined to build best yet easy digital signage solutions for mosques with remote management of content

Core features of masjid panel icluding prayer times, widgets and digital clock

Why Masjid Panel?

A state of the art digital prayer clock powered by EasyD Digital Signage Solution, Masjid Panel offers very convenient user friendly interface. Operate it from the comfort of your home using mobile phone or laptops and provides best in class features for prayers clock. The beautiful designs and many color schemes offered by it have no match in the community.

Remote Management

Remotely manage all the digital contents on mosque screen

Beautiful Layouts

Provide with multiple eye-catching designs creating a feeling of relief for worshipers

Time Modes

Contain three types of time modes including manual, calendar and relative time settings

Multiple beautiful layouts used to display prayer times

Engage Worshippers

See it, to believe it! The best visual interaction of Masjid Panel helps worshippers to be informed about all activities in the mosque. Publish relevant content related Quran, Hadiths reminders. Show progress of projects related to your mosque via images and videos to encourge worshipers to take part.

Multiple beautiful layouts used to display prayer times Multiple beautiful layouts used to display prayer times Multiple beautiful layouts used to display prayer times Multiple beautiful layouts used to display prayer times

One click to design!

Masjid Panel helps to display content in a clear and accessible way. Customization feature lets your design adapt the colors and architecture of the mosque. The no-code solution provides users with multiple layouts and colors. Join multiple screen designs in a slideshow to create the enhanced experience. So your next favourite Masjid Panel theme is just one click away!

Remote working mechanism

Remote Management

Think, you forget your laptop in university and today the prayers times have to get updated. Well, worry not just take out your mobile from pocket and get it done with. The responsive web application helps users to use it on any device, anywhere they want to. So pushing new screens, updating old content and many more things are now just a tap away from your mobile screen

Mosque front view from inside

Ali Tariq

Imam of Masjid-e-Umar

The amazing relative time mode of salat panel has literally solved our prayer time problem

Spacious view of the mosque with the minbar

Hussain Mustafa

Imam of Masjid-e-Ali

The simple but alluring geomatrical Islamic design gives the best user experience

Beautiful Mosque door before opening for prayer

Omer Kareem

Content Writer of Masjid-e-Muhammad

I have never seen such simplictic method to publish digital content on a mosque screen before masjid panel defined salat screen


Experience the free features of Masjid Panel with

Free Forever

$0 / month

  • 1 administrator
  • 10 screens
  • 8 different designs
  • 6 prayer time boxes
  • Message for each namaz time
  • A digital clock
  • Widgets


$00 / month

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to use Masjid Panel?

    1. Go to app.easyd.io
    2. Click “My Display” button
    3. Click the “Masjid Panel” icon on the right
    4. Choose a design from the tool on the right top of masjid panel
    5. Enter prayer times
    6. Click save button to make a masjid panel screen

  • 1. Click “My Display” button
    2. Add a new display by clicking “+” button on the right
    3. Add the code in “Device Id” field, name your display and select the screen to display
    4. Click the “Done” button to present on TV
    5. You can also scan the device id QR-Code with your mobile camera

  • 1. Install “EasyD Player” application on your android display
    2. Open the application
    3. A device will be displayed on the screen and thats how you get it

  • There are three types of time modes in salat panel
    1. Manual: Set your own time with the help of digital clock
    2. Relative: Set time by adding or subtracting with next or previous prayer time
    3. Calendar: Just select calendar mode to set the time of all 6 prayrers for the whole year

  • Check the following things if the screen is not getting published,
    1. Switch on the toggle button in the editing screen of salat panel
    2. Upload a calendar first, while using the calendar time mode
    3. Enter the screen name if you have not entered it


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